Pet Hospice Services FAQs

  1. What is private pet cremation package?

The private pet cremation package is the most comprehensive pet aftercare service that you can choose for your beloved one.

Our private pet cremation package includes:

  • Consultation
  • Pick-up service (normally within 2 hours)
  • General cleaning
  • Temporarily storage in the freezer for up to a month
  • Massage, showering, blow drying and grooming on the cremation day before funeral
  • Farewell ceremony in a private, quiet and peaceful viewing room (30 mins)
  • Private cremation (the most dignified way to let your pet rest in peace)
  • Bones to be grounded into ashes
  • Biodegradable urn

  1. How long have been Hong Kong Pet Memorial in service?
Hong Kong Pet Memorial (HKPM) was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to provide caring and comforting pet loss services in the event that your beloved pet passes away. Being the first of its kind in Hong Kong, we promote using biodegradable urns and organize donation pet ashes to organic farm as fertilizer. Ashes can be temporary stored in Hong Kong Pet Memorial until year end and they will be delivered to organic farm for planting.

  1. What should I do when my pet passes away at home?
If a pet dies at home, we suggest you call for professional hospice services as soon as possible, especially if there was a wound on its body. You should then put the carcass on a towel or nappy, and set the room temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. Call 2332 7117 immediately for our services.

  1. What is communal pet cremation?

The communal pet cremation package is basic and simple, but yet a dignify pet aftercare service that you can choose for your beloved one. We normally group 5 – 10 pets together and conduct communal pet cremation by end of each month. Please note that grooming and farewell ceremony is eliminated and the ashes will be donated to organic farm by end of the year.

Our communal pet cremation package includes:

  • Consultation
  • Pick-up service (normally within 2 hours)
  • Temporarily storage in the freezer
  • Communal cremation with other pets
  • Bones to be grounded into ashes
  • Ashes to be donated to organic farm as fertilizer

  1. Does your hotline 2332 7117 operate 24-7?

  1. Is 24-hr pick-up service available? Any surcharge for night pick-up?
We normally don’t charge extra before 8:30 and it depends on the time and pick-up area. The surcharge for night pick-up is ranged from HK$300 to $500 and depends on time and pick-up area. Please call 2332 7117 for details.

  1. Can we go to your office by your car during pick-up?
Due to the insurance coverage, we are sorry that we can’t offer you any seats while pick-up.

  1. Any surcharge for pick-up from Tung Chung or Ma Wan?

No surcharge for pick-up from Tung Chung.

For Ma Wan, please note the following:

  • No surcharge from 10:00 to 16:00 (Mon-Fri), with the exception during CNY
  • Pick-up time other than above, we will meet the owner at Taxi stand and the surcharge is HK$500
  • For pick-up after 20:30, the surcharge for night pick-up that range from HK$300 to $500 will be applied
  • We can also meet the owner at Tsing Yi MTR pick-up and drop off point to eliminate the surcharge for Ma Wan

  1. Any surcharge for pick-up from Discovery Bay?

For Discovery Bay, please note the following:

  • Surcharge of HK$500 is applied
  • For pick-up after 20:30, night surcharge of HK$500 will be added on
  • We can also meet the owner at Tung Chung or Central Pier to eliminate the surcharge for Discovery Bay

  1. Do you offer pick-up from Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, Lamma Island?
We can meet the owner and pick-up at Central Pier in this case.

  1. How long can we storage the pet’s remain at Hong Kong Pet Memorial?
We offer 1-month freezing service but we recommend the cremation should be scheduled within 2-3 weeks after pick-up.

  1. For some reasons we can’t schedule the cremation within 1 month, how long can Hong Kong Pet Memorial freeze my pet’s remain? Any impact on long-term freezing?

Although our freezing service in the private cremation package is normally up to 1 month, we understand that live can go extraordinary sometime. To extend the freezing is absolutely possible and no negative impact on the remain.

  • The surcharge of HK$50 per day will be applied for extending the freezing service for pet under 15kg
  • The surcharge of HK$100 per day will be applied for extending the freezing service for pet 15kg or above

  1. Do we have to settle the payment in full while pick-up?
  • If you choose our private cremation package, you may pay HK$1,000 deposit upon pick-up and settle the balance by Visa / Master Card / AliPay / WeChat Pay / Google Pay / Apple Pay / BOC Pay / FPS or cash on the cremation day if you joined the farewell ceremony. If you prefer no joining the farewell ceremony, you may settle the balance by bank transfer or FPS
  • If you choose our communal cremation package, please settle the payment in full by cash or FPS while pick-up

  1. What is the last thing I could do for my pet?
If you opt to go with the private package, you may press the button of the crematorium and farewell your pet.

  1. Can I change the booking for the cremation?
  • To avoid the administration charge, please make the re-schedule 48 hours prior to the cremation day
  • The administration charge for last-minute re-scheduling less than 48 hours is HK$400
  • The administration charge for last-minute re-scheduling less than 24 hours is HK$600

  1. Is it possible for me to change from communal cremation package to private cremation package?
Yes, it’s the best option.

  1. What can I bring for the cremation?
You may bring some flowers, food, snacks or paper products for the cremation. Due to the environmental concerned, anything other than the above is prohibited for cremation.

  1. Can the duration of the farewell ceremony by extended?
The standard farewell ceremony lasts 30 minutes or shorter and a private viewing room for 4-6 persons will be arranged. Should you prefer to extend the farewell ceremony, the surcharge for extra 30-min is HK$800. Please let us know when booking for the cremation for prior arrangement.

  1. We have many friends and family would like to come over for the farewell ceremony, what can we do?
Besides a standard viewing room that fits for 4-6 persons, a premium viewing room is also available and can fit up to 15 persons. Should you want to switch to the premium viewing room, the surcharge is HK$1,200 for 45-min. Simply make your request upon booking for the cremation.

  1. It’s very sad for me to attend the farewell ceremony, can Hong Kong Pet Memorial help to complete the cremation?
We understand the bereavement process is very hard to deal with. Hong Kong Pet Memorial can help to complete the cremation process. You can come pick-up the ashes after the cremation or we can arrange delivery at your expenses.

  1. Can I witness the whole cremation process?
Due to the insurance coverage, we’re sorry that the owner has to leave the crematorium area after pressing the button. You may rest at our reception area while waiting for the ashes.

  1. Can I pick-up the bones by myself?
Due to the insurance coverage and pick-up bones from a hot tray can be dangerous, our staff will do the job.

  1. If I can’t pick-up the ashes on the cremation day, can I pick-up later?
No problem, just simply make the appointment for pick-up the ashes within a week. We can also arrange delivery to business district or send to your home at your expenses.

  1. If I don’t want to store the ashes at home, any options?
We understand that it’s quite normal the owner would like to store the ashes other than home, we offer a peaceful columbarium from HK$1,800 and up annually. Please ask our staff for details.

  1. What is the size of the columbarium?
We offer the following sizes at your choice:
Standard: 270mm(L) x 270mm(H) x 280mm(D)
Premium: 435mm(L) x 270mm(H) x 280-320mm(D)
Grande: 580mm(L) x 270mm(H) x 320mm(D)

  1. How many boxes of ashes can I put in the columbarium?
As long as you feel comfortable, we don’t set the limit.

  1. Besides bring home the ashes or store the ashes in the columbarium, any other option?
Another option would be free the ashes back to the nature. To donate the ashes to organic farm as fertilizer is a meaningful event and Hong Kong Pet Memorial conduct this every year. As little as HK$200 storage fee and administration fee will be charged and it helps your beloved pet to back to the nature.

  1. I would like to bring my pet’s ashes to another country, can Hong Kong Pet Memorial help preparing the documentation?
As long as your pet was cremated in Hong Kong Pet Memorial, we will issue a certification of “Confirmation of High Temperature” for you to declare to the customs. To issue this certification is absolutely free and please call 2332 7117 for details.

  1. Can the ashes be kept in the keepsake memento?

Sure it can be and Hong Kong Pet Memorial offers a wide range of keepsake memento for your selection such as:

Pet Paws Print Collection:
2D pet paw prints desk frame, pet paw prints Globe, 3D paws desk frame

Orgone Energy Collection:
Orgone energy pyramids, orgone energy ring holders, orgone energy pendants

Glass Collection
Puri Sphere, Uyuni, Ocean collection and K-series, Memorial SpaceGlass collection, glass charms

Pet Ashes Gemstones Collection
Gem Kollection, Ocean Sapphire Kollection, Camo Kollection, Prestige Kollection

Preserved Flowers Collection
Tree of Life & Garden of Eden

Sliver pendants, keepsake pendants and memorial diamond

  1. Can I have to order the keepsake memento in advanced?
In order to be fully prepared and not interrupt the farewell ceremony, please indicate your choice for pet paws print collection and sliver pendants 1 day prior to the cremation.

  1. Can I keep some hair of my pet?
Sure you can! Just simply let us know prior to the cremation and this service is absolutely free.

  1. If I didn’t order the keepsake memento on the cremation day, can I still order it later
Yes, as long as you have kept some hair or ashes.

  1. If my pet is cremated in another company, can I order the keepsake memento from Hong Kong Pet Memorial?
It’s not a problem, please call 2332 7117 and our staff is help you on this.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, BOC Pay, FPS and cash.

  1. What kind of Life Education does Hong Kong Pet Memorial offer? What age range is this sharing session suitable for?
Hong Kong Pet Memorial offers Life Education sharing session to primary and secondary students from time to time. While introducing our pet aftercare services, the essence of to home a pet and its life cycle is also highlighted.
Please call 2332 7117 for details.

  1. Can I bury my pet in Hong Kong?
To bury dead animal in public places, even parks is illegal!

According to section 10, Cap. 132BK Public Cleansing and Prevention of Nuisances Regulation, no person shall, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, place or cause to be placed, any corpse or carcass, or any part thereof on or in –

(a)any street or public places;
(b)the common parts of any building;
(c)any watercourse, stream, channel, ditch or reservoir or the waters of Hong Kong;
(d)any Government property except with the consent of a public officer.

The maximum penalty for offenders is a find of HK$25,000 and six-month imprisonment.
In case your pet passed away, please call 2332 7117 immediately for hospice services.